Penzance from an artists perspective

I love Penzance. I live there so I would say that, but it is a real town with lots of mostly poorish types not wealthy. A lot of Artists live here who can’t afford the absorbetant prices of St Ives.  It is a lovely Cornish town with the Humphry Davies Statue and Dome overlooking the town from its high perch. The lovely street of Chapel St where the Art shop is is stunning.

It is the centre piece of what is now the Lloyds bank Building with its marvellous dome that attracts me most and I tend to put it in a lot of my darker toned paintings as a centre piece. Also, the harbour is a good place to paint. I like to park up in the car park and sit on the wall and paint or I might walk along the harbour arm where you get some magnificent views.

The Scillonian ferry comes and goes every day over to the Scillies so again a great subject to paint, but they won’t allow you to get close and paint while they are boarding. I’ve tried that and got turned away. Security and all that malarkey.  There are some exotic parks too. Penlee Park and Morab gardens offer shelter and beautifully kept gardens where people walk through and picnic on the grass. There is a bandstand again a wonderful thing to paint and know one tends to bother a painter there so its good.

Whenever I paint Penzance I tend to put the dome in and lots of people as that is how I see it. Recently I have been painting some of the houses and hotels as there are some lovely buildings here.

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Alan is a lifelong artist with a passion for landscapes and outdoor painting. He is based in Penzance, Cornwall where he dedicates his life to his work and capturing the unique beauty of Cornwall.