I started playing the guitar in my early childhood when my parents bought me a Hophner Senator Semi acoustic guitar at the age of 14. Mum also introduced me to the Blues and especially the old-style blues. It wasn`t long before I was writing songs.

Later I was raised on Dylan and Donovan from the Folk scene, then Crosby Stills Nash and Young and later JJ Cale from the Americana Genre that affected all us musicians so much here in the UK.

All these influences can be heard in my music today with the occasional addition of some experimental techno modern computer-generated beats. 

However, the emphasis has always been the groove for me. The rhythm, the flow, the know, that thing that gets the feet tapping and the heart pumping. Whether it is a fast hell raiser or a slow ball.


Today I perform mostly solo or with other local musicians that I call up to perform with me at pubs, clubs, restaurants, venues and anywhere else who loves the sound of my music.

I have three albums on sale through through all the usual outlets and a Facebook page for all the new gigs and things that are happening like forthcoming albums or EP`s.

The songs on my Albums started in a purely pop vein and then progressed to blues and especially old-time blues of people like Bob Wills and his Texas Cowboys and Hank Williams.

In 2016 I formed a Band called Doctor Dobro with Lead Guitarist Stuart Tizzard which recorded two albums at Cube Studious in Truro, Cornwall. We had good success with our semi acoustic smooth feel were able to get gigs in pubs and restaurants, but as with all bands musical differences emerged and the rest off the band went on to get the full drum kit out etc and play as a covers band.

Something I was not ever going to do. So, I have stayed recording and going out with musicians as and when and working as a solo performer working on original material only.

Most of my music is based on an infectious rhythm section. It’s the groove that appeals before the Vocals and the Lyrics but not always, sometimes it the lyrics or the vocals first.

I combine my work as an Artist with recording by going into Red Studios here in Penzance one a week to write and record songs. Once we have the song down we then get musicians in to do solo`s or whatever.

Red studios are run by Garry Williams who I also collaborate with as a songwriter and producer.