Marazion from an artists perspective

Marazion is just a short drive from where I live in Penzance and just 5 mins drive and I am there. During the summer it gets packed but there are plenty of good car parks which are well managed which makes it a wonderful experience. Its obvious feature is St. Michaels Mount which I have painted many many times. There are superb beaches and lots of good places to eat and drink in the town. I like to get there early and set up on the wall that faces the Mount as there is a good seating area there and you are backed up against the wall, so you can’t be overlooked. Tip. Take a blanket as sitting on stone is cold. I will work in either Gouache on paper or Oil on canvas or acrylic on canvas but these days I mostly like to use oil. Up to 20 x 24 inches is the maximum .12 x 14 inches is ideal. The trouble with acrylic I found was that is darkened over a few hours as it dried which was very annoying, so I have switched to oil permanently.

Another good spot for me is the little river that runs out on the right-hand side of the main beach car park. There is good parking and a short walk brings you to the soft dunes with magnificent views overlooking the shallow river where children and adults play and looks out to the sea and St Michaels mount. Again, this spot offers big skies if that is what you are after or beach life or the little houses of Marazion overlooking the stunning and much celebrated St Michaels Mount.

Further the Mount runs a ferry with many little boats running to and fro. When the tide is high they operate from the Rock just below the Pub and when it gets lower they move just to the left around the corner from the pub. This is great subject matter and to capture this short-lived event as the tide moves in and out quicker than you think when you are busy painting. So, you must work fast.

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Alan is a lifelong artist with a passion for landscapes and outdoor painting. He is based in Penzance, Cornwall where he dedicates his life to his work and capturing the unique beauty of Cornwall.