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Padstow and Rock

Padstow from Penzance takes around 40 minutes. It is where Rick Stein has his superb Restaurants and lies on a big Estuary with the very upmarket Rock on the other side which is serviced by a passenger ferry toing and froing during the Summer months. It is a harbour town and very very popular, so parking is always your priority. So, get there early. There are many places to paint. . The town itself framed by the harbour is a great view to paint or out to sea with all the bobbing boats and the real-life fishing boats as this is a real working harbour not just a pretty place.

Because I paint Plein Air or out in the open I like to find somewhere with a seat as I can’t stand up for too long. All around the harbour there are seats and for me the inner harbour wall is good with the fishing vessels loading and unloading if you can get there early enough. I especially love the estuary and the view across to Rock. It is rather beautiful with soft greens and light pinks and stunning sky`s that change all the time. The sky is big there and, in the summer, months can be a feature in my work. Very summery and quintessentially English with soft cobalt blues, Creoleans and soft violets.

To get to Rock and if you are fit you can get on the ferry which changes the getting on and off spots as the tide rises and falls as the water is so low in the estuary. I like to drive which is a bit a of a treck as you must go right around where the Estuary thins. It is  probably a 10-mile detour. There is a good car park there, again get there early, and it is not expensive. The view from the jetty or just on the beach looking over to Padstow is to die for. When the Ferry pulls up with all the people, Families, children, dogs, oldies, all kinds pull up and unload or take aboard their cargo of happy tourists it is a magnificent event and you must be quick to capture it. Some days I have been there all day and managed to get three paintings done in one day.

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Alan is a lifelong artist with a passion for landscapes and outdoor painting. He is based in Penzance, Cornwall where he dedicates his life to his work and capturing the unique beauty of Cornwall.