The land with a thousand stories

Cornwall is unique part of England and one that I call home. We are that little peninsula that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean in the South West of England. Cornwall is home to beautiful beaches, landscapes and countryside and because of this, it attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year. Since the closing of the mines, tourism has become one of Cornwalls most profitable industries next to agriculture and fishing, wish have been around for centuries. 

Cornwall has it's own unique culture and even language, Cornish, which is sadly no longer spoken. There is a revivalist movement for the language however, and this has encouraged many Cornish speaking schools to open and has ensured that local councils provide signs and some services in Cornish.

Some typical landmarks of Cornwall are the it's famous monuments such as St. Michaels Mount and St.Pirans Castle, the landscape is also dotted with the ruins of old abandoned mines, with their stacks all built out of granite


A magnet for artists

Due to the natural beauty of Cornwall and its interesting microclimate, Cornwall has a very large art scene. People from all creative professions are drawn here, not just traditional artists. Graphic designers, craftsmen, sculpters, writers and musicians all love to call Cornwall their home. 

Cornwall isn't like other parts of England, and compared to London it's like a completely different planet. We don't have lots of money, we don't have the best infrastructure or the highest paid jobs, but we have our community and we have our heritage that makes us very proud. Everywhere you go, you see the celtif flag of Kernow flying. 

Where I paint

As an artists I do a lot of travelling around Cornwall, and as it isn't such a big place that isn't such a hard task. It doesn't take long to get from one coastline to the next and there are spots of outstanding natural beauty almost everywhere. In the summer I try to get out every day and paint plein air and the summer is when Cornwall really comes to life.