Sennen Cove

Acrylic Plein Air Painting in Summer. 

Joys of Summer

It is a real treat to paint outdoors in the Spring and Summer. I like to take the view and compose it in my own way rather than follow the traditional practice. Which I respect, but is not for me. I like to weed out all the superfluous bits and get to the Naive essence whilst trying to use all the knowledge I have learnt over the years. On this occasion, I am using acrylic which is a crisp flat intense medium and one which I have used over many years. I mostly paint in oil now as I found acrylic simply does not dry fast enough in the winter.

Lorraine helped me down on this great morning over Sennen Cove and as usual, did a cracking picture. Which I am not going to show you right now as she is better than me,

Posted on April 22 2019 by Alan Furneaux

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