Drawing and Models

Winter sets in and drawing is on my mind

Models and Drawing

I love drawing but it isn`t easy in fact it takes practice practice practice. Drawing outside is good as when I draw I am also figuring out how to paint it when I get back to the studio.Drawing figures also takes practice but it doesn't take long to loosen up and get some results. The model is really important. Some are better than others. And I go to the local art group to do this.  I am at a stage where I am not  trying to get an exact likeness but just something that works for me and I can feel satisfied with. I really like doing portraits because the long lines of the body are hard to do and I need a bit more practice at that but also because I am interested in the face and the looks ,the hair and the persona.. 

Posted on November 11 2018 by Alan Furneaux

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