Nellie at Newlyn


I actually thought I had finished this and took it to the framer then when I got it home I thought it needed lots of work which I have steadily chipped away at. It is a thickly painted oil on board that has taken me weeks to complete. Framed in a thin black presentation frame or tray frame although as you see it here it is in white. These oils that I do, these dark ones generally take forever which is how I like it. If it took a few hours it wouldn't look right to me. There is a sense of beginning middle and end to the process. Unless I was lucky. It is a depiction and shorthand view of the Boat `Nellie` which is an inshore vessel at Newlyn harbour.  


24 x 18 inches Oil On Board


boat at night with table of fish and red sail


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Alan is a lifelong artist with a passion for landscapes and outdoor painting. He is based in Penzance, Cornwall where he dedicates his life to his work and capturing the unique beauty of Cornwall.