This painting was painted originally en plein air or on location out in the open air at Falmouth in late September just when the light was changing from summer to autumn.I remember I was perched on a small mound with little secret paths and two young sisters probably 6 or 7 yrs old suddenly appeared out of knowhere. and gazed in amazement at me painting. I said hello but they both refused to speak. I assumed the mantra of don't speak to strangers even though there doting dad was not far away. What a shame I thought , but then just carried on working 

It then got extensively worked in the studio but only the sky and the Estuary and the detail on the houses. I have used a lot of thick impasto on this especially on the whites as I seem to be going through a white phase.


40 x 50cm
£850 Oil on Canvas


Above the boat house at flushing looking down over Falmouth


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Alan is a lifelong artist with a passion for landscapes and outdoor painting. He is based in Penzance, Cornwall where he dedicates his life to his work and capturing the unique beauty of Cornwall.