I really got interested in art when seeing my grandfather George Hann`s paintings on our walls as a child and later in Brighton when I happened to live near him and saw him work in his studio.

I had my first Exhibition in Brighton in 1997 and then won a commission for Royal Caribbean Cruiseliners which enabled me to take a year off work to give it a go. I had my first one-man show in the City of London soon after and have been painting ever since

I use two very distinctly and refreshingly different approaches to my work. There are my studio paintings created mostly in the winter and my plein air paintings created outdoors on location in the summer.

Please phone for an appointment to view my work. I live in beautiful Penzance two minutes walk from the town centre.

Tea and biscuits complimentary!


Alan Furneaux

   my Artwork  

My work has changed considerably since my early days as a young aspiring artist and it took me at least 10 years to develop my very own unique style, drawn from many great influences of course.

I got started way back on the sunny shores of Brighton, then doing acrylic on paper for many years. Over the years I've experimented with many different ways to paint; painting acrylic, oil on canvas, oil on board for my studio work and gouache pen and ink for my outdoor painting which I resumed as a major feature in my work in 2016.

My colours tend to darken when I am in the studio and change when I'm painting in the great outdoors. Perhaps a simple reflection of the influence of natural elements on a man and how he sees the world.

A fine craft like art is a journey of learning which never stops and my studio is my sanctuary of reflection, correction and artistic progress. When living in a country with unpredictable weather, painting from memory becomes a key aspect. Photos don't always cut it and they don't represent exactly how I see it


   my productions  

I sing and play guitar because music, like artwork is my other great passion in life which I have also been mastering since I was a young boy at the age of 14 when my parents bought me a guitar. After that It wasn't very long before I was writing my own songs.

I go out gigging at local pubs, clubs and venues every week, because music is supposed to be heard live. We've been doing it that way since the dawn of time. Music is a social thing. It brings people together all over the world.

The atmosphere, the audience and the good times all make the moment and provide for an unforgettable evening. 

Check out my live concert timetable and read a bit more about how I got started

   my location  

I love living here in Penzance, Cornwall. I have wonderful places to paint everywhere I go, a pure artists dream!

There are many other artist, musicians, craftsmen and other creative minds in this town. The stunning beaches, the historical fishing ports and the sprawling landscapes, alive with history, provice ideal places to sit and paint.

Close by are towns like Falmouth on the the Fal estuary, plus St Mawes, Padstow and Rock.Beloved tourist treasures. The list of stunning locations is endless.

Cornwall is home to a peculiar microclimate, where palm trees and exotic plants grow all year round and the rare quality of light gives the impression of being in a film. 

The cost of living is also good as it is a relatively poorer area than other UK towns, but it is thriving with the great vitality of the local folk.

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