My work has changed considerably since my early days as a young aspiring painter. When I first started I did not use any earth colours in my palette, just primary colours. My work was bright and colourful and mostly cheerful. As I have grown and matured my palette has become more sophisticated and my style has developed and changed.I try to paint what I would like to put on my walls. As an Artist, you have to move on or stagnate. Although I was plein air painting from the outset I abandoned this early on in favour of photographs but that also only lasted a short while as it inhibited my imaginative style.Since 2015 I have now come back to Plein Air painting and this is now a major source of inspiration and pleasure in my work. So, In the spring and Summer, you will find me on location in different towns and cities with my sun hat and kit painting in gouache or acrylic or oil.